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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  June 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> hello america i mark leaven, this is "life, liberty, & levin". however, you? i'm good good to see you again. >> one of the wise men out there. this is where we first met. you are ahead of the national with humanities, secretary of education. and even sitting in the spot you made a difference in the spot. you're the first drugs are, we have a lot to talk about. first of all i want people to know, long ago you were a
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democrat. when the democrat was a moderate party now is sealed radical left to got elected it seemed to be the leaders of the party. i remember when marco harrington a socialist kind of crazy for manhattan was pushed to the side and they promote them. what he think's going on i quic. >> i grew up in brooklyn, new york, irish catholic family, we did not know any republicans other than my mother pointing out sometimes, there is a republican. so it was a natural thing. so join the administration, the reagan administration as a democrat, ronald reagan of course but and 86 my wife and i switched in the specific thing was voting on aid in the country. and one was about the democrat party that i did not like
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growing up. it was a party that stood for human rights in defense of human rights in terms of america human rights. i thought that was a huge failure. so i switchede and began a republican but a republican sense. i don't know what they're doing now and why they're doing this. it's very odd because the midterms showed us, i was reading in the background of why these people got elected as democrats andle congressmen. for me, exporting, helicopter pilot, this is not. it looks like all the energy is on left. iin their freedom being embarrassed on the left, they don't want to be called anything on left and when i say they mean leadership, for lucy alike. but we've been here before, 1972, it was 52017 electoral
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votes this party has been with us before it's yielded to the temptation before. the fact that the democrats are doing it it is worrying me and deeply as a fact that there seems tono be appeal to what they're saying particularly in young people in the generation. >> the secretary of education. high school and middle school, moving left they pretty much control the school system even more than the school boards are full. hasn't gotten worse? is a propaganda gotten worse? >> it is gotten worse, they are as full as they d have ever been and i remember doing on the ministration. you are looking at in the justice department and is looking at it in education. but what is happened is they
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basically co-opt and a lot of education establishment. here is you see in some of the places, the republicans are moderates with a faint invitation of the left-wing. so the yield on a lot of things. one of the most ridiculous things that ever happened in the state of the carolina that you could go to the bathroom of your choice based on your choice of your gender, it should've been left out of town but it was personally safe of dbt q gigab e education t establishment. as figured very prominently and i think most of printing is we are not teaching these kids elementary, middle, high school
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about america. what is america, we talk a lot about the colleges they give you childhood 17 they say we got them, happened to the earlier years is much more important. if you look at the latest survey on alexandria ocasio-cortez agenda help free healthcare, free college for everybody, will warming number one party. you will see a majority of millennial's and that is worrisome, very worrisome and it's something we need to ssaddress you don't just adjustt by saying to socialist social socialist. he said what's wrong with that view. >> what is wrong with it? and how do we, were the real
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outsiders get into the educational bureaucracy, educational establishment? do we need to break brea it up. we keep competing against him for homeschooling, charter schools, how do we address this quick. >> we are working on this for how many years, is generous for me too see outsider joking. i said all the socialism stuff is my fault, i was the secretary of education. it is lecturing on choice with accountability and charter schools, i should've been lecturing on socialism, socialism is what socialism does. it miseries people. it destroys economies, and miseries people. if you go into college freshman classroom and talk to kids and talk to them about anything
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history they just don't know it, it's not their fault. but it's the education system fall. i don't know but the antitrust, but i do think working inside the system of school choice and more criticism of what's going on, right now the debate to come back to your question as him talking and to get what your question may be is worse. because a lot of the left at the education association is a left is now suggesting school first and foremost is not about reading and writing and math and history. it's about social equity and wrsocial justice. we cannot teaches other things until we have social justice. and that is something in their mind which is to be achieved by humanch society. it's a question now as to whether the schools are about their business in any meaningful
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sense. by the way for the test, we hold to well in meeting and have been for 20 or 30 years in the worst subject is a mark in history pretty you cannot love a country when you asked buddy to defendant as a young person does not know. they don't know the story or they do know the story, look in textbooks for. >> your first really big book was a superduper big book. i thought it was huge. >> it was huge. >> to think that book would sell as many copies as with today? >> i don't know. we talked about a publisher. and they said we would like to get the book out again of the
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2025th anniversary but addition. however, you think you need to have a author who is a different point of view and we need to have stories about modern moral predicaments and we need to talk about you can imagine what the agenda is. we want to turn the book into 21st century politically correct. i said no.i the book is on the table. i would love to update the book with stories that people sent me that fit the overall theme and not about a particular time with place and you can work and invent a young moral code, it is what it is. but i give you the world in live.we
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i don't know. >> that's problematic, that's going 25 years ago. you could civilly change in the last ten years. what accounts for this, as a pprogressive left lowered the culture so thoroughly to obtain hollywood tv, the media iapoliticians there's almost no room for people to say, timeout can we talk about individualism, can we talk about natural law, can we talk about some of these things of this great society. what you get a quick. >> the answers yes. i was corresponding yesterday and my friend dennis he is a list of 40 things that the leftist strife and he goes on the list and if they have not destroyed it there tauscher. more important they intended to take it over. the schools, many of the
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churches, media, politics, the mediating institutions, and the left is there in a relentless march. and they want to do this. they are intentional about this. our guys, our team ever since the founders, dropped the constitution to get back to the work. they did not love to be in t washington. the left wants to be in washington, loves to control and empower and this is what has became so real and apparent. woo hoo we came to see donald trump we sent this to the and a llot of people realize what he was saying was true. that the government was in the grip of an elite which need to be challenged. >> union electric, your historian, when we come back i
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i'll pass. >> you mentioned donald trump. how is he doing, what do you think of him? >> i like him a lot, i supported him, not originally, i was not sure and i was listening to people who are saying not a chance. but when he did the announcement in the announcement speech how america had lost its greatness and we needed to make america great again, it's interesting that that became the rallying cry for a lot of people and not the same now regarded by the left and some campuses. my sons, were ahead of me, i sent who went to princeton did
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not learned there, he got into onbusiness in york and he said this is the guy. another guy went to princeton marine corps he came around and talked and he said this is the guy. this is what you lead. so i signed on and i think he's doing a great job. ever good perspective, i'm a small creature. i've been living in the swamp since 1981 and have good perspective i think. i'm never seen anything accusing. in a recent custom'v rash. but the most amazing thing is that he takes it, gets up in the morning goes back to work, get back in the fight, it's a great thing they said about the irish, something told me this is myself. you like the irish that works in the street sees the fight going nd and sees a private fighter. [laughter] and trump looks for fight.
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he started but usually has good reason and good cause. but boy he's resilient and tough and i admire very much what he's doing because i know he means it when he talks about american greatness and how he wants to make this country good again. he has done great things. you.agree with and as a conservative and so forth, i was skeptical. it was my late father, you know he said to be? get off his back, this is not what he's saying, this man could do what he's going to do. we need something like this. >> your father, my son. >> the media needed him in such a way that i never seen before, even nixon i never seen that before. is it because they were so invested to the obama turn just because they viewed him and the people who support him as a joke is because he defines him and
4:19 pm
only rejects them, he humiliates them, is all the sinks or something else works. >> is all those things and i just have one more to yournl lat one, he does not genuflect to them. they may make you mad but in the end he does not care in terms of instruction, he will not change direction. i was talking to a group of intellectuals about this before the election. they said they cannot support trump there were conservative in the way. it occurred to me that one of the reasons they were saying is because donald trump has never read anyd of their because he does not care about that. and i thought he is done so many things, by the 8000 lies, someone needs to make a list of the 8000 great things he is done. big and little. one of the biggest and little things he did, i'm not going to
4:20 pm
the white house correspondence, i am not going. we went to a couple of them walked on a couple because are so gross. my wife and i went and then we would watch the president of the united states being humiliated by a series of press pickers and then the brick press toward the train too take the president and had to shake the gaze hand. donald trump -- >> they've conformity of thought, the media are more out of the a class i think is ever before. >> he is exposing. he is when it at them and said look, listen watch and you think they be more careful about big news once he made this chart but they have not. and i watched the interview with lynwood with an unbelievable is.g that they go after trump, they go
4:21 pm
after carlson, hugh you, me andy go to the kid and hold him like critical and worse to the world. >> what you guess driving the media? i think the enthronement with this hard radical left i think that the reported that would reject history, they don't look at huntley, brinkley, any of the people don't know what it is with her standing on and they go their owngo way. history doesn't matter, context does not matter. i think if you go to journalism school it won't be george washington leaking in the fall. maybe it would not expose a prisoner taken the president. it's kind of unfair to woodward because i think he isna his
4:22 pm
moments. but i think they go into this in order to get somebody. i think they take their doing justice. >> what about obama, he gets a pass. >> this ideology. i read a paper once for cnn because i was working there. and i wrote a paper for them a confirmation bias. you look to evidence of what you believe and then you turn the evidence in your direction. they are committed and they don't know it. i know i'm in conservative another, i think i can dependent based on history, based on the experience, based on the historical record. my favorite author said look at the choices, it's the most clearly and carefully thing in
4:23 pm
the world. i think i can dependent. they are leftist ideologues because, and they do not know it. but that is not just big news, where they stand politically is like an academic philosophy, i was at boston university, not the only concern but i was the only non- marxist person. >> you described msnbc pretty much. we'll be righten back. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪
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the people of virginia beach are remembering the 12 killed in friday shooting at them in a civil building. hundreds turned up for a prayer visual earlier. all but one of the victims worked for the city, the other was a contractor who is of the building applying for a permit. police have identified the gunman as an engineer who worked for the city about 15 years and he died in a shootout with police. federal authorities say the suspect used 245 caliber pistols in the shooting which were believed to be legally purchased. a motive is still not known, local officials say the focus right now is on the victims and their families, president trump also ordered flags to be lowered to half staff in honor of the
4:28 pm
victims. i am john scott, i will see you tomorrow for the fox report, now back to life liberty and love >> diane.. i guess a psychiatrist might say little bit identifying in schools as more background. as all the kids are for life in raleigh. watching this last week and talking about the legal aspects and challenge, a tough case even though is a strong argument. if anybody can make it i think your guest -- >> is a good chunk he could go after his focus a laser. but to me the culture is not lawyer, went to law school.
4:29 pm
for god sakes do something, something has to be done. here's a kid destroyed around the world because of his reputation, that's on the internet forever no matter what happens in its early function, the technology, media and the way these things move. you cannot destroy someone the pulses so quickly, though effectively and let it go by. that's why it's important. but it's important that we send a signal to the media to the community that you cannot do this, you can just not do this. so yes, i feel very badly about that and am outraged by it. so as you know it's already been tricky thing today but this one is sticky because they have us around and it can be so cruel in the treatment of this young man. you know the old saying, the lie
4:30 pm
goes all the way around the world in truth is something on the shoes. falsely attributed to mark twain by the way. that's a footnote. >> lemanski this. not to pick on -- yelping on cnn. they seem obsessed with trying to destroy fox, they seem obsessed with trying to destroy sanity, carlson, they seem obsessed with tauscher turn the news operation with part of the network against each other and by the way, that's a side point, i cannot tell the difference between cnn who does news and who does not. i am not saying because i'm here, i don't have to be here. it's something ise observed. have you ever seen one network tauscher destroy another network is a because there's so low on the readings, behind msnbc they
4:31 pm
figured that's how they call their way out? >> the biblical description at the hotel martin luther king, behold a dreamer, let's slam and see was becomes in their dreams. they cannot stand the truth, they cannot stand the light, they cannot stand the contrast the boxes. fox is saying something entirely different and that the numbers embarrassment to them. we tried to go through a lot of people work for me. you get to be old enough,. >> i said one of the wise old man. but laura and shawn and tucker, these people can defend themselves and have a great form of defending a themselves.
4:32 pm
he has somebody now. but i guess that's part back to early christian p something has to bee done. because things are out of control. i wake up some mornings and think we lost the guardrails of some of the things that keep us together as society. in a friend of mine, gary bauer and i had lunch and he said, i'm a big supporter of donald trump. but if you remember before the election of donald trump, you are saying, we have to do this. in the fight of 93 election by a friend michael anton. because if we go we may go down the tubes in the election of hillary clinton. i think that is right. so gary said, what happens after trump. and we said hopefully that's
4:33 pm
pulled off another four years. 2020. that's way p about society, thas way about american society. i'm a student of the founders, they believe in separation of power and all the stuff they visit at the justice court. but most of all they believe that the final protection of the country is a sense of what they call a virtue and the people. they would have a sense and the moral sense. i think americans have it but a lot of institutions are going the best they can to to get out of people. to suggest that they feel that way they are wrong or bigots or races or whatever. the schools do this. i wrote a survey thewh other da, fascinating. the survey of kids before they went toef high school, kids his parents were born in other countries and 85% identified as
4:34 pm
americans and there was another high school two years after college, 60 or 70% identified themselves as hyphenated americans. it's backwards, it's backwards. >> we pour hundreds of billions of dollars into these institutes which we do not control. we'll be right back. hey, that baker lady's on tv again. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident. covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters.
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4:39 pm
took this releasors when i needed to. in the country to catoosa. it was a number one issue that we focus on in one of the most widely circulating and we lost the war. drug use in the united states, illegal drug use from 1979 to 1992 went down by more than 50%. we pushed back and when we pushed back it went down dramatically. this was opposed by government, by the ministration i was happy to be there, this is approaching columbia thanks to some of the folks with a wave of columbia people. the media was actually good and cooperative, your old enough to remember the ads, jumping up the diving board into a nifty swimming pool for brain on drugs. in the country to to catoosa. we are now is worse the number of people died from cocaine or
4:40 pm
crack was 10000, last year we lost 70000 people to illegal drugs. in another myth people think most of this is because doctors are overprescribing. that is not true. there's some over subscribing and other pill mills but three quarters of the death are from that no, street stuff, heroin and other people who die from overdoses of oxycontin another d subtype drugs, these are people who get them illegally or bye stealing them from people who are prescribed. so is a legal problem that we had to do with and if we have to attack ahead on. it is now very much as i've said to folks in the ministration, none of this is trump country. the people who supported donald trump, west virginia, ohio, is not just there, it's a more serious problem than whatt we hd in the i late '80s. we took that very seriously and
4:41 pm
what does the help his effort to get marijuana everywhere. it is just crazy. they say when the vote was sinking from water, don't grab for the for hoses. and we are -- very few people will be into these other drugs did not start with marijuana, look at the drugs in colorado, take a look at the driving death, the score is and academic scores, take a look at the quality of life in denver and this is what we are pushing, and we see republicans pushing this too. >> the former speaker of the house. >> yesterday. >> too that surprising when he left congress to join the organization? >> i'm happy to say did not surprise me in the sense that i thought i lost the capacity to be surprised. but it really did. there was a lot of money in this
4:42 pm
stuff. and by the way, the marijuana the people are smoking todayhe n colorado is not the marijuana of the late 60s. in the late 60s early 70s, today average in colorado maybe 20 to 25% -- er much more potent, much more powerful. bing to colorado and chewing a candy bar, i rode he she wrote r journal that she thought she died after couple bites. the stuff is potent. and dangerous. and one thing we know for sure from the science in the former secretary of education begin here, when young people it harms and can destroy, focused attention and memory, the
4:43 pm
important in school,. >> if you don't know the journalism. >> is spreading and becoming popular even among republican politicians. >> its popular public opinion polls the people favor. the medical marijuana thing was very smart and having pictures of these children who are having bouts of epilepsy, helps them calm down. truly in a few cases, you can do that without administrating a marijuana c cigarette. as a doctor said because the setbacsetback and if it begins t dry leave and inhale them and everybody believes that's good for you, they scarcely believe that. medical marijuana brought up in general recreational marijuana, the final argument is you want
4:44 pm
country will have to people are buzzed all the time? if you set with people who are stoned they cannot really have a conversation because there laughing all the time or somewhere else. >> likely i do not live in the world. peanut folks do not forget almost every weeknight you can watch live then tv, go to blaze to go to 844-levin 844-levintv, we would love to have you. we'll be right back. before discr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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anywhere you travel in the country. we have grandkids out of state. they love our long visits. not sure about their parents, though. call unitedhealthcare and ask for your free decision guide today. >> it's been a very big issue and really so. what is his open borders stuff, we should have laws, we should not havee fences. it's a bizarre obsession with the left and they did not used to the position because demographics have changed in the consensual groups of change a so much that come on in and eventually overwhelm the red states. >> it is partly that. it is partly recruiting. you can get more people to vote democrat i suppose in the more
4:49 pm
legal scum and more people who i think it is a term. if he'sum for it that's reason enough to be concerned. obama had some of the same things. i don't know if d you saw the congresswoman criticizing obama the other day. saying he separated children and he did all that stuff. he did not do it as directly and pushes arguments to presented as donald trump did. but he did many of the same things. the question after the democrats, what is your policy is her number limit to the people to come in? i do not see an argument. i think this is a huge winning issue for the president. whatever the court say and what the congress does or doesn't do, people understand it the country
4:50 pm
and for it to remain a country you can borders, uta borders and defining limits for survey that you call a nation. >> some of the cities and states are allowing illegalhe aliens to vote in state elections, why not send absentee ballots over the world and have 7 million people vote for the mayor san francisco and million people vote -- your point is where do we want to go with this, it's insanity. it's a logical of how far we want to go. why would you charge a nation if you have no room to talk what it's about. again, i keep coming back to the schools i guess. plato said, the most import question in society who teaches the children? and isaac that is right. in the world, the american achievement and history is unique and high. there has never been a nation
4:51 pm
like it. if you are godforsaken in missouri to place and there are no godforsaken places in the dictators who onion at any seeee soldiers coming over the hill, you pray that is the american soldiers. why? because they're not there to hurt you and they're not there to take you well, wife's and that is what america has been and that's what makes america unique. one of ther last times and the most 16 -year-olds or 70 of her that. i toured schools with hundred 20 schools and ask kids what about america. very, very few of them can make a case that there something special about them. i don't mind talking about the problems and all that. but when a man introduced me semi- embarrassed to speak, absolutely not. finding a better law. in the long run of human
4:52 pm
history, which is mostly misery. and suffering. the american achievement isn unique. i am always amazed how the left contractor country and talk about systemic racism and then people out of the border tried to get a little country by the millions why would they try to come to countries that systemically ishe racist. >> when i was in the schools there is a high school to diego and a woman said, what he loved this country, and i said a lot of reasons. every country has gates. when you raise a gates which we waited people running? we razor gates, we don't razor gateraiseour gates that makes po thousands of miles, try to jump through the berlin wall to get through? >> we'll be righto back.
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mark: nancy pelosi, saying i am not interested in impeachment. but her lieutenants are and they are taking orders from her. sheer trying hard to set up that scenario. what do you think? >> i don't know. but there is evidence that's so overwhelming within blah, blah, blah. does it matter whether they go for impeachment? bill clinton got out of that with an increase in his popularity. americans don't want to see stheir president impeached when he's pretty popular. >> he's pretty popular. i think they are accusing, go
4:58 pm
after the 81 witnesses chairman nadler is going to call. the media cooperates and play for 2020. everything is about 2020. whether they impeach or not, it's get trump. mark: where do you see this country in the next five to 10 years? >> i don't know. it's a do-it-yourself project and it depends on the people. when i'm watching tv, i get discouraged. but when i go out and talk to
4:59 pm
people in the country i feel better. when i am with my family. my son would call me up and say, hey, another guy thanked you in class today. one of my sons joined the marine corps. they are a big part of the picture, too. but i'm encouraged every time i talk to the average everyday american. but my family gives me great strength and confidence about the future. mark: is this part of the problem, people may think one way, that concentration of government and the bubble of washington and the la area, drive thet agenda, they talk about more votes and they rule more and more with an iron fist.
5:00 pm
thanks for joining us. see you next time on ""life, liberty & levin"." [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world" i'm jess see waters. president trump running out of patience with mexico because they haven't done enough to stop illegals from pouring into our country. this new video shows more than 1,000 migrants crossing the border illegally in the el paso area. that's a record. joining me now, counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. the president of mexico desperately seeking a meeting with the president of the united states. this looks like a


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